Best Cigar Humidors

21 Dec

We all have something that we are addicted to, and we cannot only live a day without it. Some love food, others love alcohol. There are others how love cigars.

To those who are new to cigars, I understand that you may not be familiar with the term humidor. Now humidor is a box or a room made specifically for special storage of cigars. The room is used by those who supply cigars since they need big storage for high quantity. Boxes are used by individuals. Small humidors do not have to occupy a large space in your house forcing you to do away with some things. Humidor should be big enough to fit your cigars. The humidor is essential to cigar lovers.

They need attention and care to ensure that they age well. Cigars tend to absorb the temperature around where they are stored making them not suitable for consumption, a theory that even doctors could agree with. Therefore a humidor should be part of your cigars. You cannot go purchasing cigars without purchasing the best humidor for you. Humidors are usually different; some are made of glass while others are made of wood. Before purchasing a humidor at, you should research so you can know the best one for you. Of course, you should first concentrate on the one made from the most favorable material. Then consider the size that you need.

The size of the humidor to go for should be indicated by the stacks of cigars you would like to have. Remember that your humidor should not empty spaces. Empty spaces will lead to a drop in humidity meaning that your humidor is thirsty. Therefore go for a humidor that you will be able to fill with a cigarette. For more insights regarding cigar humidor, go to

 Different suppliers usually have different prices for humidors. So you can compare the prices and settle for one that is pocket-friendly to you. For your humidor to work in the best way, you have to prepare it first. Before you put cigars in it. You are required first to put a bowl of water for 12 hours. If you find that the water has been absorbed, you should then add another bowl and let it stay there for 24b hours. Once your humidor cannot absorb more water, it means it is ready to hold for you the cigars. While you are doing that ensure that the humidor is covered. You should check your humidor once in a while especially those people who live in hot areas, learn more here!

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